Sjors is an ’87 Amsterdam born Almere raised gifted artist. Acing primary school induced lazyness during his highschool years. The lack of built up discipline launched him in 2008 into a six year grapple with his own psyche. After landing on his feet in 2014, the mission started to get his inner engine running. Getting to put energy into the project that calls himself Sjors “of the Rebel Club”. Named after a character in a comic that was released in the Netherlands in 1938 that gained much popularity later on.

It was since that moment that his life has taken a flight. Where he stood five years later he could not have dared to dream for on that moment. And yet it keeps growing. Four of us have established a living community in the Netherlands, for two and a half year now. It is turning into an exotic experimental garden of safety. A haven for spiritual growth with space for many different people each doing their own thing. Learning on a high level together. Engaging life.

Recently my engine got running. Pumping up the throttle in a healthy dosed manner is easier than starting it.

Now married & father of a child (’19), Sjors commits his energy towards a disciplined and well-balanced self-development schedule. Taking turns in taking care of the little one. All of the spare energy goes into art. Sincerity is the key word here.

The fire has grown in me. I will make art till the day I die.

It has shown me many aspects of life.

A shaman told me years before:

Sjors, Do Dance!

So I feel obliged and privileged to also commit to developing dance.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

It means: Be greeted, all of my relations.